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Football Connections 

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James Treen Fullwood Ted Fullwood with John Ireland
Harold Thomas Fullwood
Harold Thomas Fullwood - an Alderman for Wolverhampton Borough Council who became mayor and Managing Director of The Staffordshire Tyre Company was associated with Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.
Left: A “Toast List” for a dinner organised by Harold Fullwood in honour of Major Frank Buckley considered by some to be one of Wolverhampton Wanderers greatest managers.
Jim Fullwood MD of Shropshire Tyre Co
James (Jim) Fullwood was MD of the Shropshire Motor Tyre Company based in Shrewsbury, a sister company to Staffordshire Motor Tyre Co. Jim forms another football club connection as he became a Director of Shrewsbury Town FC.
Left: A photo of James Treen Fullwood circa 1880, in an unknown football strip. He played both for Wolverhampton Clutha in the Walsall league and for The Stafford Road Football Club “The Roaders” a rival team to Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Edward Fullwood (Wolverhampton Mayor in 1967) presenting a bowl to John Ireland a Wolverhampton Wanderers Director after their successful tour of the USA.
Harry Fullwood MD of Modern Tyre Services Walsall FC 1948-49 Tim De’Ath between the Ferdinand brothers, Anton and Rio. Tim with David Beckham
My cousin Tim De’Ath (grandson of Frederick Walter Fullwood) who was formerly West Ham United’s team chef but is now player liaison for the “Hammer’s” and fulfills a similar role for the English national side.
Tim De'Ath with Sir Trevor Brooking Matt Murray & Matty "Matty" my grandson
Left: Two “Matt’s” together. Former Wolves goalkeeper Matt Murray and my grandson “Matty” a Wolves mascot during the 2006 season.
Above: A booklet produced for the 1948-49 Wolverhampton Civic Banquet to Stan Cullis and Billy Wright. Harold Fullwood is a member of the organising committee as a Wolverhampton councillor. Harold attended with his two sons Jim Fullwood and Ted Fullwood who are named on the guest list.

James Treen Fullwood

Matt Murray & Matty

Harold Fullwood

Ted Fullwood

  Tim De’Ath



“Harry” Fullwood

Harry Fullwood was a Director of Walsall FC and he can be seen below in the Walsall team photo of 1948/49 season. Harry is on the second row from the front and seated fourth from the right hand side.
Frederick Walter Fullwood Tim with Roy Hodgson
Tim De’Ath with David Beckham
Sir Trevor Brooking with Tim De’Ath
Tim De’Ath between the Ferdinand brothers Anton and Rio
Tim De’Ath with the England Manager Roy Hodgson
Family connections to English football teams