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Fullwood families
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People 1

This section lists individuals who are members of or are directly associated with the Fullwood family. They are listed here in UK county order or by country of origin.


James Treen Fullwood 1869 -1939 Company Founder of the Staffordshire Motor Tyre Co. James Treen Fullwood, (my great grandfather), acquired a tyre repair company located in Queens Square Wolverhampton called “The Staffordshire Motor Tyre Repairing Co”. He was James T Fullwood was born in 1869 at Wolverhampton the son of James Fullwood a carpenter who was from Bilston. He married Annie Louise Blenkin of Wolverhampton my great grandmother in 1889. James’ middle name of “Treen” came from his grand parents on the maternal side as they lived closeby in Temple Street, Bilston the site of the first Cholera outbreak in 1832. It would appear a sporting tradition in the family began with James Fullwood. James  according to his obituary in the Express & Star dated 12 June 1939, played football for St Clutha and Stafford Road Football Club. Stafford Road FC, also affectionally known as the “Roaders”, were a railway works football team started by their works manager - Charles Crump in 1876. They played near the railway works on the Stafford Road, Wolverhampton. In their hay day Stafford Road FC were considered to be the better team in Wolverhampton until Wolverhampton Wanderers were formed from the amalgamation of St Luke’s school team and Blakenhall Wanderers Cricket team. During the 1883 season both Stafford Road FC and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC (Wolves) played each other twice with Wolves coming out on top on both occasions. According to his obituary, James Treen Fullwood played for Stafford Road Football Club at full back along side his friend Richard (Dick) Baugh. (see: http://www.historywebsite.co.uk/genealogy/Fullwood/chapter4.htm ).  Dick eventually left Stafford Road FC to play for Wolves in the 1886/7 season and ultimately he went on to win several England caps and made 227 league and FA cup appearances for Wolves. Harold Thomas Fullwood b1893 Chartered Engineer and MD of Staffordshire Motor Tyre Co. Harold, born in 1893, was James Treen Fullwood’s second eldest son who ultimately took over running of the family tyre business on his father’s death in 1939. Harold became Managing Director of the Staffordshire Motor Tyre Company and during World War I he was seconded into engineering work and finished the war in 1918 as a qualified engineer. Harold became Alderman and a Mayor of Wolverhampton in 1952/3 with an interest in transport issues effecting Wolverhampton. Was he the designer or project manager of Wolverhampton’s first automatic traffic light system? Family legend states (described to me by Harold’s son Jim Fullwood b.1919) Harold was involved after 1927 with the design and installation of the first set of automated traffic lights/signals in the UK located at Princess Square Wolverhampton. However, to date this family anecdote remains unconfirmed by external sources at the moment as Wolverhampton Borough Council cannot locate any records to substantiate Harold’s or anyone else’s involvement in this project although they have recognised this achievement by installing a “blue plaque” in the Princess Square area. Harold became Alderman and a Mayor of Wolverhampton in 1952/3 with an interest in transport issues effecting Wolverhampton. He can be seen in the photo attending a remembrance service probably at St Peter’s Church in the centre of Wolverhampton. Harold was an avid Wolverhampton Wanderers supporter and was closely associated with the club but he wasn’t a Director. As a treasurer for several committees, Harold was involved in organising celebratory dinner’s for the Wolverhampton Wanderer’s team after they had secured either the FA Cup or winning the Division One League. James Harold Thomas b1919 Sales Director at Staffordshire Tyre and the eldest son of Harold Thomas Fullwood and grandson of James Treen Fullwood the tyre company founder. James received his training at the Dunlop tyre company factory in Birmingham and this enabled him to become an authority on tyres. As Sales Director of Staffordshire Tyre Company he was the main force behind the forming of Fullwood Tyre Services and also the tyre re-tread business. James joined the Territorial Army as a cadet at a young age and, as such, volunteered for service in the army for the second world war. He served in Egypt and Italy and was able to use his skills and knowledge organising the tyre supplies for the army. He served for the whole of the war until leaving the army, when he re-joined the family business. As an adult he was on the National Executive Committee of the NTDA (National Tyre Distributors Association) and was Vice Chairman of the NTDA until he had to retire from the industry in 1968. In 1968, after the death of his father Harold Thomas Fullwood, Staffordshire Tyre Services, together with Fullwood Tyre Services, which was then the largest independent tyre distributor in Europe, was sold to Goodyear’s a Wolverhampton based business in the UK. James also performed public service by being elected as an alderman/councillor for Wolverhampton on their transport committee for very many years but chose not to be Mayor. Christine Charlesworth (nee Fullwood)  Christine is James Harold Fullwood’s daughter. Born in Wolverhampton, Christine studied at Wolverhampton College of Art from 1966 until 1969. After following a varied career she now concentrates on sculpture, focusing particularly on the human form, which she finds to be an endless source of inspiration. She was elected a full member of the Society of Women Artists in 2007 and a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 2008. Christine has to date undertaken over 40 private and public commissions. Specialising in figurative sculptures and portraiture Christine feels it is important that a sculpture should not only capture a likeness, but also the spirit and personality of the sitter and she also endeavours to show life and natural movement in each piece. Working in clay, once the figure is built she uses sculpting tools to lay on and cut back so that a variety of finishes can be achieved, giving texture, light and depth to the final surface. Work comprises short-run limited editions and individual pieces to private or public commission. Christine is working as part of the ‘BT Art of Sport’ group of 10 international artists. This has given her the opportunity to produce a series of limited-edition Olympic action figures, as well as a portrait figure of Ade Adepitan MBE, Paralympic Ambassador, playing basketball. This work won an award at the 2011 SWA exhibition in London. Christine’s personal web site can be found here: http://christinecharlesworth.co.uk/ Christine exhibits with Surrey Sculpture Society and other venues throughout the year and also has a permanent exhibition on display at her studio, where work-in-progress can be viewed. The well known sculptor Sydney March, a cousin of Christine’s grandfather Harold Thomas Fullwood, painted a large oil painting of him and produced two busts one of Annie Louisa Fullwood (nee Blenkin) my great grandmother and two other oil paintings. Edward (Ted) Yardley Fullwood Ted Fullwood, the son of Harold Thomas Fullwood was Service Director for the Staffordshire Motor Tyre Co based at Chapel Ash Wolverhampton. Edward (Ted) Fullwood and his father Harold both proudly performed public service for Wolverhampton Borough Council, both as Aldermen/Councillor’s and ultimately by becoming Mayors of Wolverhampton during the 1950‘s and 1960‘s respectively. Henry (Harry) Herbert Fullwood b1894 Managing Director of Modern Tyre Services located in Walsall and a former Director of Walsall Football Club. Yet another professional football connection lies with Harry Fullwood who was the third male sibling of my grandfather Frederick. Harry joined the board of Walsall Football Club in November 1945 and was a councillor for the Borough of Walsall in 1950. Frederick James Fullwood  Born in Wolverhampton, Frederick is my grandfather and James Treen Fullwood’s first born son. Family legend states Frederick (Fred) didn’t get along too well with his father James Treen Fullwood after an incident occurred between them when my grandfather Fred was aged about 10. Fred tried to help his father fix a faulty gas mantle or ceiling rose by striking a match in poor light, and an explosion occurred at their home in Mander Street Wolverhampton. As James was injured his father probably expressed a few choice words to his son. In the 1901 census, Fred (aged 9) is seen living with his grandfather James (senior) b.1832 at Bristol St Wolverhampton. Fred did ultimately acquire his own business, an Ironmonger’s and hardware shop located on Newhampton Road West in Wolverhampton. Frederick James Fullwood married a local girl Nettie Solloway in 1919 and they had a son Frederick Walter Fullwood (little Fred) born in 1921. Sadly little Fred's mother Nettie died of Septicemia and Pneumonia 4 months after giving birth to little Fred in April 1922. My grandfather Frederick James Fullwood married for a second time in 1924 to my grandmother Ruth Dorothy Williams the daughter of Charles Williams a Walsall furniture manufacturer. They had a son (my father) in 1927 by the name of Anthony (Tony) Fullwood.  [See below]. Frederick Walter Fullwood 1921 - 1968 British Army Sergeant and Police Officer Frederick Walter Fullwood, is my grandfather’s (Frederick James Fullwood) eldest son and was affectionately called within the family “little Fred”. He was born in Wolverhampton in 1921. At the age of 14 he ran away from home and joined the army serving in the Royal Berkshire Regiment and Royal Scots Grey’s achieving the rank of Sergeant. By 1946 he had left the army and became a Police Officer in the Oxfordshire Constabulary.  Frederick married Vera Maisey at Oxford in 1942 and had three daughters Sue, Janet and Angela. Anthony Fullwood 1927 - 2006 After his father Frederick died, my father Tony took over his father’s ironmongery and hardware business located on Newhampton Road West, Whitmore Reans in Wolverhampton. My father had two interests in his life apart from his family and running his business. One was playing league snooker for Whitmore Reans Conservative Club and secondly he was a musician enjoying dance and big band music playing the trumpet. John Fullwood 1854 -1931 International Artist born in Wolverhampton John Fullwood is an internationally recognised and successful landscape painter, etcher and illustrator. He was born at the family home in Worcester Street Wolverhampton in 1854 and studied at Paris and Birmingham. His paintings were displayed at the Royal Academy on 21 occasions and by the Royal Society of British Artists on 99 occasions. He displayed no less than 67 paintings at the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists exhibitions. John first appears aged 6 in the 1861 census in the St Mark’s ward area of Wolverhampton along with several other members of his family. However, John’s ancestral roots originate from Sedgley in Staffordshire. He’s recorded as living at 68 Worcester Street Wolverhampton with his father Joseph (a cooper by trade) and Mary his mother along with several of his siblings. By the 1871 census John has moved to the All Saints ward of Birmingham at 55 George St and he is unmarried living with an older brother named William and his wife Ann Elizabeth Fullwood. Although John is aged 16 at this point his occupation is described as a “Chase & Embosser”. It doesn’t say what industry he was working in but I suspect it was the printing industry and this job probably gave John the opportunity to use drawing skills he needed to become an artist. William’s occupation, John’s 26 year old brother is recorded as being an “electro-plate maker”. In 1881, John aged 26 is still living in Birmingham at 195 Lea Bank Road with his wife Kate aged 22 and his daughter Mary who is just 8 months old. John’s occupation is described as a “Landscape artist”.


James (Jim) Fullwood b1898 MD of Shropshire Tyre Co and ex Director of Shrewsbury Town Football Club My grandfather’s youngest brother, James (Jim) Fullwood (left) was MD of the Shropshire Motor Tyre Company, a sister company to Staffordshire Motor Tyre Co. Jim also forms another football club connection as he became a Director of Shrewsbury Town FC.


Ian De’Ath Ian and Tim De’Ath are both grandson’s of Frederick Walter Fullwood. Ian is a former Metropolitan Policeman and he now earns his living as a builder. In fact Ian refurbished Tim’s new Wine Bar & Restaurant at the Old Police Station in Chelmsford. Tim De’Ath Player Liaison for West Ham United Following the sporting family tradition, Frederick Walter Fullwood’s grandson Tim De’Ath provides yet another football connection in the family. Tim, who is a former team chef for Arsenal FC, England and West Ham United FC, is now performing a “Player Liaison” role at West Ham United FC and for the England team. Tim De’Ath has recently opened his new Wine Bar and Restaurant inside the Old Police Station called “59 New Street” Chelmsford. Before joining West Ham, Tim worked in the entertainment industry as a chef on films such as Star Wars and James Bond and TV shows such as London’s Burning and BBC’s Holby City.

Nottinghamshire & London

Matthew & Edward Fullwood Founders of the R J Fullwood & Co in London Founders of the RJ Fullwood & Bland company circa 1795 Whenever historians write about this company the usual starting point for - RJ Fullwood & Bland, begins in the year 1785 with reference to the two founding brothers Matthew & Edward Fullwood. However, you could say the entrepreneurial skills learned by Matthew and Edward were acquired from their parents Jonathon Fullwood and Sarah Jackson both born in Nottinghamshire in 1743 and married in 1766 at St Peter’s Cathedral Sheffield. Jonathon came from a village called Everton near to the Lincolnshire county border and Sarah came from West Burton near Retford. They had their first child in 1767 when their son Matthew (referred to as the founder of RJ Fullwood & Bland) was born at Gainsborough in Lincolnshire. The London Magazine of 1767 published a list of bankrupts and this shows a Jonathon Fullwood - hardware man of Gainsborough. It is highly probable that this is the same Jonathon Fullwood who married Sarah Jackson in 1766. It would appear Jonathon and his family move from Gainsborough to Scotland sometime after 1767 as several Edinburgh baptism records show Jonathon and Sarah are having more children although the birth date and locations are not known for all of them. Matthew Fullwood: b.1767 Gainsborough Jonathon Fullwood: b.1776 Edinburgh died 1778 Sarah Fullwood: b.1777 Edinburgh who married Wm. Welch in 1810 London. Richard Jackson Fullwood: born 1781 Edinburgh died 1783 Edward Fullwood: b.1781 place n/k - died 1842 in Jamaica (Jamaican Parish Records). Eleanor Fullwood: est. b.1782  m.Thomas Walker 1803 Gloucestershire Mary Fullwood: est. b.1769  m.John Fleming Aug 1790 Manchester Cathedral; lived in London Ann Fullwood: est b.1767  m.William Bland 1790 at St Martin’s Ch. Birmingham. Jonathon’s (senior) trade or profession referred to in an baptism record of 1776, was “ironmonger” of Burrow Loch. In a later burial record dated 1778, Jonathon is now listed as a “merchant”. It would appear then Jonathon and Sarah’s family are doing well and in view of this prosperity this may have spurred Edward and Matthew to also become businessmen in their own right like their father. Matthew returned to England because in 1802, Matthew marries Ann Everard Hundlebee at Islington London and they have five children together as follows: - Ann Fullwood: born 1803 in London Benjamin Fullwood: born1804 in London (see picture on left) Matthew Fullwood: born 1806 in Shoreditch (junior) Richard Jackson Fullwood: born 1808 in Shoreditch William Fullwood: born 1809 in Shoreditch Matthew Fullwood b1767 Matthew (senior) had previously formed a partnership with his uncle Richard Jackson in Wallbrook, London which they referred to as the Jackson & Fullwood business. This later became known as the RJ Fullwood & Bland company. When Richard Jackson died in 1811, Matthew Fullwood b1767 (senior) brought his sons, Benjamin and Matthew into the business. Edward Fullwood b1781 Meanwhile Edward Fullwood, Matthew’s brother is in Jamaica exporting annatto seeds to London for his brother’s business. We know Edward’s address was the Cornwall Estate, Westmorland in the south west area of Jamaica and we also know Edward had a partner Jane Jourdine and they have several children together including a Sarah Jackson Fullwood born in 1816 on the estate. She was baptised in 1828 in Jamaica.
James Treen Fullwood James Treen Fullwood Harold Thomas Fullwood Harold Thomas Fullwood b1893 James "Jim" Fullwood Ted Fullwood Harry Fullwood b1894 Harry Fullwood Harry Fullwood Jim Fullwood b1898 Jim Fullwood b1898 Jim Fullwood b1898 Frederick James Fullwood Frederick James Fullwood Frederick Walter Fullwood Frederick Walter Fullwood Anthony Fullwood Anthony Fullwood The “Old Hall” in Wolverhampton drawn by John Fullwood Ian De'Ath in Met Police uniform Tim De'Ath in his England suit Benjamin Fullwood b1804 London Mayor Harold Thomas Fullwood (right) James Treen Fullwood in football kit Ted Fullwood dressed in Mayor's robes Old Police Station Restaurant Chelmsford Tim's restaurant 59 New St Chelmsford Ian De'Ath outside No10 Christine Charlesworth with Ade Adepitan MBE Christine Charlesworth People 1